Friday, May 14, 2010

Interview with Packt

I recently did an interview with the staff at Packt Publishing, the publisher of Moodle 1.9 Extension Development.

Packt: Your book is published now. How is the feeling of being a published author?
Jonathan: I don't think it has totally sunk in yet. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I have wanted to be a writer since I was twelve years old. Mike and I worked tremendously hard over the past year to put the book together. It was especially difficult putting together all the coding examples. Once the coding was finished for a chapter the writing was relatively easy. I feel really good that while it was a difficult process, that I was able to accomplish our goal of writing a great book on how to customize Moodle via its extensible plug-in model.
Packt: What benefits did writing a book bring to your specialist area?
Jonathan: The most direct thing that comes to mind is how much I learned over the course of researching and example creation for the book. Its very much like the saying that you have to teach it to truly learn a subject. I think writing a book on a subject, brings that idea to an even higher level. Longer term this is one more indication of the level of both my personal expertise as well as that of our company Remote-Learner provides in the Moodle space.

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